December 21

Winter Solstice Bike

Added to this year’s milestones on the bike is getting out on the road on the day of the winter solstice; a nice cap to a year that started with a ride on New Year’s Day. This may not sound like a big deal, but is pretty unlikely as I live in New Hampshire and am not one of those crazies you see biking when it’s cold. By my currently in effect rule of thumb, the minimum temperature for a bike ride is 50° F though it was a couple of degrees cooler than that by the time I finished today’s ride just before sunset which was at 4:12.

posted @ 04:19 PM EST

December 24


This web site was hacked a few days ago and didn’t get straightened out until yesterday afternoon. Somehow an unauthorized agent was able to create a few directories of web pages with redirects to another site, then made thousands of accesses to those pages including through Google searches, presumably in a scheme to increase page-rank for the other site. I don’t know what effect it had other than dropping page-rank for many of the dolben.org pages off the map. I’m guessing that Google’s software detected some shenanigans involving my site and discounted it’s value.

posted @ 09:17 AM EST