January 4


This afternoon, thinking that there must be a word for the class of word that, with the same spelling, has different pronunciations for unrelated meanings, e.g., wind, I couldn’t come up with it (even if it does exist) and so, with a little help from my friends, coined polyphonym. (Unlike with polyphony, I’m inclined to stress the third syllable.) A couple of other examples are somewhat suspect, coming with caveats: polish, because one of the words must be capitalized; and resume, because one is a variant spelling of résumé.

Please let me know if the word we were looking for exists or if you can think of other examples.

posted @ 09:12 PM EST

Post-Solstice Bike

Exactly two weeks after the winter solstice I was able to bike on the road in conditions very similar to before. You would call it the January thaw if there had every been a freeze.

posted @ 09:33 PM EST

January 6


Bike? Yes, in shorts and short sleeved jersey.

posted @ 05:51 PM EST