March 4

Power to the People

Walking around Cambridge this afternoon two ideas for photo essays occurred to me: bike lanes/paths stink and architecture fails when it doesn’t serve pedestrians. A related note: it’s a shame that MIT picked gray stone for the facade of its signature buildings. (To be fair, maybe it used to be white—architects, beware of white stone in an urban environment.)

Alright, add a third: risks taken in architecture are big risks; in the case of failure the cost of starting over is so large that we are compelled to live with the failure for a long time. The silver lining is that the lesson stands, from which many can learn.

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March 17

Interactive Weather Radar

The Weather Channel’s interactive weather radar map is a great improvement over its previous animated maps, taking the breakthrough pan and zoom capability of Google Maps and adding the animated radar image. Among other cool features, the latest radar is automatically updated every five minutes. Add a zip code to the address given in the previous link to start out with a local map.

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

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Intergalactic Robotics

Intergalactic Robotics announces its existence.

posted @ 01:10 PM EDT