May 5

AP News on iPhone

The design of the new Associated Press web app raises the bar for iPhone customized sites several notches.

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May 10

People Will Say We're in Love

Generally it’s silly to recommend music. Just think of how much there is that you can’t stand and yet that millions of other people love. You know because sometimes they think it’s so wonderful that they play it outdoors, loudly enough that you’d have to evacuate the area to avoid listening to it. Anyway, if you like jazz renditions of old standbys you must hear Sophie Milman’s recording of the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune from Oklahoma! People Will Say We’re in Love. It’s perfect. Well, almost.

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May 11

2008 Pan-Mass Challenge

For the ninth straight year I’ll be riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge which, through the Jimmy Fund, raises money to support research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. For more information you might look at this year’s fact sheet (PDF).

You can contribute online if you’d like to support my effort.

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May 24

The Unobservable Universe

In a Scientific American article Sean Carroll offers an explanation of what many consider a cosmological puzzle: the existence of time’s arrow apparent in the Universe. While appealing, it can never be a theory, as it depends on a larger, unobservable universe in which this little one we call home is embedded, having arisen from a random fluctuation of dark energy (itself still hypothetical). But as metaphysics it jibes quite well with my own cosmogony and the notion that anything exists because nothing is perfect. Nevertheless, it leaves the greater universe worse than unobservable, unexplained. You can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but where did you get the hat?

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