May 2

Movable Type to Blogger

There’s a tool to convert Movable Type exported text to the Blogger XML import form, but the software is very finicky.

posted @ 10:24 AM EDT

2009 Pan-Mass Challenge

For the tenth straight year I’ll be riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge which, through the Jimmy Fund, raises money to support research and treatment at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. For more information you might look at this year’s fact sheet (PDF).

You can contribute online if you’d like to support my effort.

posted @ 11:25 AM EDT

May 5

Take Love Easy

Sophie Milman has a new studio album, Take Love Easy, released today in Canada.

posted @ 01:24 PM EDT

May 12

To the Nines

At some time today, when I happened to check, the S&P 500 index was 909.09, making me think that it would have been numerologically more fun if that had happened on September 9th, later this year. At the same time, it would be financially more fun if that did not happen on 9/9/09. Anyway, all of that shortly led me to wonder about the origin of the expression to the nines. “Short answer: nobody knows.”

posted @ 03:58 PM EDT

May 25


To Facebook or not to Facebook, in the end I was sucked in by the feeling of missing out on the happenings of, well, my friends, and made a page in spite of my wanting to resist the temptation of the latest cyberfad.

posted @ 11:11 AM EDT