February 6

Pan-Mass Challenge Maps

I’ve created maps for a couple of Pan-Mass Challenge routes: Bourne to Wellesley and Wellesley to Wellesley. I’ll also create one for the Wellesley to Bourne route.

The maps provided by the PMC are pretty sketchy, which usually isn’t a problem since the routes are so well marked with arrows on utility poles and such that it’s easy to stay on course. Nevertheless, from time to time someone misses a turn. I’ve done it. Then you don’t know where you are and how to get back on the route you’re supposed to be riding. The PMC maps don’t show anything beyond the roads of the route and so, are not much help.

With the maps I’ve made, if you have a smartphone, you can view the routes in some map app at the same time as seeing your own location on the map. For example, I’m importing the route data (the KML file) into “My Places” of Google Maps, then viewing the routes in an iPhone app, My Maps.

I can’t guarantee that my maps are completely accurate, but I think that they’re close enough.

posted @ 02:19 PM EST

February 8

2012 PMC - Wellesley to Bourne Map

As before, here’s a map of a Pan-Mass Challenge route; this time, Saturday’s ride from Wellesley to Bourne.

To get the route data in a form you can use on your mobile device, select the ‘Export’ tab in the right sidebar of the route’s page.

posted @ 08:30 AM EST

February 27

100 Yard Breaststroke Champ

Alfred University senior Warren Dolben won the 2012 Upper New York State Collegiate Swimming Association 100 Yard Breaststroke Championship with an NCAA ‘B’ provisional qualifying time of 57.33 seconds.

posted @ 09:05 AM EST

Complete 2012 Pan-Mass Challenge Maps

Here’s the complete set of Pan-Mass Challenge route maps that I’ve created for use on mobile devices:

Sturbridge to Bourne   Bourne to Provincetown
Wellesley to Bourne   Bourne to Wellesley
 Wellesley to Wellesley

In the right sidebar of each map’s page, under the Overview tab, and then under the Export tab, are links to various forms of the route data.

posted @ 02:09 PM EST