July 11

Share on Google+

The following bookmarklet opens a page for sharing a link to a browser’s current location on Google+.

javascript:void(window.open(‘https://plus.google.com/share?ur%5Cl=’+encodeURIComponent(location), %20'Share%20to%20Google+’, 'width=600, height=460, menubar=no, location=no, status=no’));

Its text is shown here to make it easier to add to Safari in iOS. The same procedure can be used in other web browsers, too:

  1. Create a bookmark to anywhere.
  2. Copy the whole second paragraph above to the clipboard.
  3. Edit the new bookmark.
  4. Name it something like “Share on Google+”.
  5. Replace its link by pasting the copied text after selecting or deleting all of the existing link.

posted @ 09:33 AM EDT