February 1


The Best-Kept Secret

After what might be its rough­est off-season ever, pro rac­ing is chang­ing for the bet­ter

A cycling cat­a­log arrived in the mail yes­ter­day, and as I was flip­ping through its glossy pages I hap­pened to stop at the cloth­ing sec­tion—in…

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February 4


It was buggin’ me until I could track down that the music in this Budweiser commercial is Landslide by Stevie Nicks.


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February 7

Congress'[s] horse-and-buggy computer laws - latimes.com

The prosecution of software programmer Aaron Swartz exposes the poorly written, anachronistic laws governing a range of computer use.

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Congress'[s] horse-and-buggy computer laws - latimes.com">

Show the Date and Time that a Web Page was Loaded

The following code in a PHP file shows the date and time that a web page was loaded, displaying the server’s time in the client’s time zone.

<script type=“text/javascript”>
  document.write(new Date(<?php echo time(); ?>*1000));

The UTC time in seconds, returned by the PHP time function, is inserted into the expression which is the argument to the JavaScript Date constructor, the UTC time in milliseconds. The default conversion of a Date to a string, invoked by write, is expressed in the local time zone.

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February 10


Historic Blizzard Seen From Space | Time-Lapse Video


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Me, Skiing on the Seacoast

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February 13


Jeopardy! - The Exciting (and Amusing) Teen Tournament Conclusion (Feb. 12, 2013)


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February 18


The Wounded Knee medals of honor should be rescinded
Dana Lone Hill, guardian.co.uk

One hundred and twenty-two years ago, the Pine Ridge Reservation witnessed the end of an epoch: the end of a people fighting for their way of life. Many see it, in Wikipedia’s words, as “the last battle of the American Indian wars”.

Except it…

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February 19

Russian meteor strike: why your wedding ring was once part of a searing fireball of interplanetary rock

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Russian meteor strike: why your wedding ring was once part of a searing fireball of interplanetary rock">

February 22

Oscar Predictions, Election-Style - Nate Silver

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Oscar Predictions, Election-Style - Nate Silver">



Suitcase-size Satellite to Patrol for Dangerous Asteroids
Andrew Fazekas, nationalgeographic.com

Earth received a wake-up call last week with a dou­ble shot of incom­ing space rocks—the near miss of aster­oid DA14 and the Russ­ian mete­or explo­sion. Our plan­et is in a cos­mic shoot­ing gallery and more work ne…

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February 28


What most schools don’t teach


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