July 1


Timeless Questions About the Universe

Is nature discrete or continuous? Is the universe infinite or finite? Is life inevitable, or is it a lucky accident? Will we ever find company in the cosmos?

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July 4


These five loons were fishing together last evening, shortly before sunset, along the shore of Lake Sunapee, all of them diving and resurfacing at about the same time, except once when one stayed up to keep an eye on us or a few other times when another would dive briefly—observed from near Split Rock into Fisher’s Bay.

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July 10


14 yrs ago today, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team became World Cup legends in front of the largest crowd ever at a women’s sports event.

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July 18


Tour De France 2013: Stage 19

Tomorrow’s stage of the Tour de France from Bourg d'Oisans to Le Grand Bornand is almost the same route as stage 17 of the 2004 Tour de France, which I watched from high up on the climb to the Col de la Madeleine (and which was won by he who shall not be named).

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July 27


2001: A Space Odyssey - Discerning Themes through Score and Imagery

Stanley Kubrick’s most popular and enduring film is 2001: A Space Odyssey, a work he co-wrote with noted Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clark. It’s considered among the best in the genre. Which is strange when compared against popular science fiction fare like Star Wars, Alien, and the Star Trek franchises. For unlike typical character and plot driven narrative, its structure is that of an odyssey portraying the span of millennia. There is no central protagonist in conflict with an antagonist to root for. The few depicted characters seem disconnected from one another, and their dialog is often irrelevant to expository action. Its pacing is slug slow, with excessive montage shots that while visually beautiful don’t move plot points forward. If classical music seems an odd score choice itself, several pieces selected are often disturbingly postmodern, evoking not a soothing softness of the musical genre but chaotic and disquieting emotions. Finally, the final sequence, rather than a climax and resolution to some character driven conflict, seemingly comes from nowhere leaving more questions than answers. In almost every way this film should have failed. But it didn’t. Instead, it’s considered a great masterpiece. Why?

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