August 4

I Successfully Completed This Year's Pan-Mass Challenge Ride

I was the first member of Team Dolben across the line, at about 11:10, Sunday morning in Provinceton, with my riding partner, Deane, not far behind - not that my goal was to finish first, rather to finish feeling good, which I did. The weather this year was pretty good; a little rain early Saturday, then just humid, but not very hot. Thanks to all of the people who are sponsoring my ride by donating to the PMC.

See today’s coverage by the Boston Globe. Note that 94% of this year’s donations are expected to go to Dana-Farber.

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August 7

I've Updated to blosxom 2.0

This is the first post that uses version 2.0 of blosxom for generating the HTML and RSS of this weblog.

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Version 1.3.0 of BlueJ Was Released Today

BlueJ is an integrated Java development environment designed for learning at the introductory level. In combination with the textbook Objects First with Java it provides a great way to learn programming with a software engineering perspective.

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August 9

3,582 People Rode in the 2003 Pan-Mass Challenge

More PMC Statistics

2-day Riders 2,820
1-day Riders 762
Men 2,314
Women 1,268
Sturbridge Starts 2,208
Wellesley Starts 1,374
Cancer Survivors 161
Volunteeers 1,931
Virtual Riders 136
States 37
Countries 6
Collected as of Aug 7 $9,400,000

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Digital Evidence Placing Me in Provincetown, Near the Finish of the 2003 PMC

me in Provincetown

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Taking a Break Behind Deane, in the Orleans Marsh during the 2003 PMC

Deane and me in Orleans

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August 19

Make 7 UP Yours

Can you believe that 7 UP’s tag-line is “Make 7 UP Yours”? (italics mine)

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August 29

Unit Testing in BlueJ

There’s a good paper on the support for unit testing built in to the current version, 1.3.0, of BlueJ.

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